CIN Podcast: An insight into Vittoria with Jon Heasman

The latest episode of the CI.N Podcast welcomes Jon Heasman, Product Manager at Vittoria, to get the latest updates from the tyre brand and a look at what to expect this year.

During the podcast, which was recorded at the beginning of the year at CoreBike, Heasman gives an overview of how Vittoria fared in 2019 and provides insight into the sectors the brand is targeting this year.

He also explains the science behind the tyre brand’s new 4C Extruder, made of four compounds of rubber and which is exclusive to Vittoria, and Graphene 2.0 which has built on the original to find new ways to integrate graphene within each rubber compound. Vittoria is looking to push the boundaries of rubber, Heasman explains, which is how to 4C and Graphene 2.0 came together.

Find out more about these unique properties from Heasman, and other news from Vittoria, in the full interview via:



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More recently, Vittoria made public its strategy to keep Coronavirus at bay and business moving. The tyre maker has put in place sweeping measures to lower exposure, offering staff the opportunity to carry out their jobs from home where feasible, while supplying distribution staff with gloves and masks, among other measures to reduce the risk of contamination.

As such, the firm has reassured clients across the globe that operations are able to move relatively as normal.

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