CIN Podcast: Accelerating micromobility with eBikeLabs Maël Bosson

In the latest episode of the CI.N Podcast, we are joined by the Founder of eBikeLabs, Maël Bosson. Founded in 2015, eBikeLabs aims to accelerate the adoption of shared e-bikes in cities through its mission to help mobility operators to deploy large e-bike fleets into cities all around the world.

In this episode, Bosson discusses the need to accelerate electric bike adoption on a large scale and improve the infrastructure of major cities to allow for the shift between cars to sustainable modes of transports in the form of e-Bikes.

Additonally, Bosson talks about his history with e-Bikes and how he came to realise that the best way to build a sustainable e-Bike was to focus on the vehicle control unit (VCU) and e-Bike control cloud services that transform affordable electric bikes into enjoyable, theft proof, and low maintenance fleet vehicles.

In this episode, Bosson also offers insights on how to encourage people to use share schemes and encourages other European companies to look at global partnerships as a means of speeding up e-Bike adoption in cities around the world.

Bosson touches upon the brands plans for the future in terms of partnerships with bike fleet companies and showcasing the innovative technology used within the vehicle control units.

The brand has already raised 3 million euros in the form of its crowdfunding campaign which began three years ago. This allows anyone to be a shareholder and investor of eBikeLabs in a bid to make sustainable mobility happen faster.

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