DNA Profiling: The next big thing in fine tuning athlete performance?

Over the last ten years innovation and technical development has changed the cycling industry irrevocably. Composite materials, gear set innovation, ‘aerofication’, onboard computing, wearable trackers – it’s all going on. But what about tuning the rider up? Muhdo CEO Nathan Berkley introduces us to DNA profiling…

As the potential to improve the equipment saturates, where will shop owners generate interest and differentiate their offering?

Muhdo believes the next frontier of customer value is in tuning and optimising the rider. After all, for the vast majority of customers coming into your shops they themselves will represent the weakest ‘component’ in the setup. If customers spend a little time and money on their own components they would get far more enjoyment out of their biking experience.

Taking cycling performance to the next level, our scientists have brought advanced DNA profiling and personalised nutrition to the world of cycling. Now on offer via Madison, our labs are now capable of offering your customers DNA profiling and fitness plans in-store.

How does it work?

It starts with an impactful video-enabled POS unit in-store, where customers can purchase a profiling kit. Then a simple saliva swab, taken at home, is sent to Muhdo laboratories in a pre-paid envelope. Two to four weeks later, Muhdo deliver a detailed report on the genetic make-up of the individual and personalised nutrition and fitness recommendations – including hundreds of recipes, workout recommendations and micro-nutrition advice all tuned to the customer’s DNA. In a matter of weeks customers can expect to see their Strava times fall; quite simply, you’ll feel more up to challenging your personal bests.

Who’s the customer?

The benefits for any highly competitive cyclist are clear. Muhdo offers the opportunity to gain a competitive edge and drive fitness forwards. Muhdo is already working with Team Genesis and Saracen. But DNA profiling is for anyone who wants to get fitter, lose fat and enjoy their cycling experience more. While the benefits are great for those chasing marginal gains, it’s a product for a very broad audience.

Commercial and customer opportunity

DNA profiling kits retail for £249.99, including a healthy profit margin for the shop. Relative to the price of many bikes, component upgrades and bike fits it is a small cost that will make a big difference. For retailers meeting a minimum order requirement, Muhdo offers in-store event partnerships to talk your customers through the science behind performance and how DNA profiling can help.

Muhdo represents an opportunity to drive a variety of customers to your store and engage local cycling clubs and teams in a new performance and health concept. Muhdo also provides store owners with videos and marketing material to help promote the service to your database.

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