“Don’t underestimate your abilities,” says bike mechanic as customer offers job at NASA

A bike mechanic working at Bike Effect in Los Angeles has posted an inspiring message to the Professional Bike Mechanic’s Association board, reminding those working in the industry to never “underestimate your abilities as bicycle mechanics”.

The mechanic in question, Stephen Partida, is a Santa Monica local now destined for a role at NASA having impressed a customer who worked at the space agency.

“He liked my attitude, work ethic and my quality of work,” said Partida. “I kept his bicycle in top shape and it paid off tremendously. I’ll be building spacecraft that will travel to Mars and beyond.”

Leaving a vacancy at the pro road shop, Partida says that he posted the message, “not to brag, but instead to inspire.”

He continued: “You do great things. You stem from a long lineage of greats and you are capable of doing greater things.

“Don’t discount a single customer that walks in your doors. Treat everyone with the same level of respect you would want to be treated with. The alter egos of your customers would surprise you.

“Some one needs to replace me. Anyone interested in working in sunny Santa Monica, CA at the premiere Pro Road Shop?”

The job description is now live here.