Gazelle introduces private leasing scheme for electric bike buyers

Gazelle has announced a platform of private leasing for electric bikes, offering customers “a complete package containing an electric bicycle battery of choice, insurance, service, maintenance and breakdown cover.”

“Bike Leasing is the trend right now. In the past, you could see that people were saving until they could buy that one bike. Now you notice right that people, especially younger generations, have an eye for other means of financing. We respond with private leases, whereby cyclists pay a fixed amount per month. The biggest advantage is that we totally unburden cyclists. All the things you can think of are included in the lease offer: Insurance, service, maintenance and breakdown cover, “said spokesman Ferdi Ertekin Koninklijke Gazelle.

Available via the scheme will be a distinct Gazelle Orange C7+ HFP model with Panasonic front wheel motor.

Customers can now signs up for a lease at the Gazelle website, selecting a bronze, silver, gold or platinum care package on a lease term of 36 months. Bikes will be delivered via the customer’s local Gazelle dealer where available.

Gazelle has confirmed to CyclingIndustry.News that this scheme will first run in the Netherlands, with the UK rollout pending.