Green Commute Initiative launches bike pool scheme to drive e-bike uptake among commuters

The Green Commute Initiative has gone live with a bike pool scheme designed to introduce commuters to the benefits of electric bikes.

The disruptive cycle to work provider says that for employers this is a turnkey solution that will introduce non-cyclists to a new cycle commuting experience.

Director Rob Howes told CyclingIndustry.News: “The employer simply makes a monthly payment. An exterior installation of four bikes with everything including a hanger can start from £399 per month. Interior packages for employers without external space can be as little as £349 a month. That’s not even 10 taxi fares!

“We buy the bikes from you (the retailer) with our standard 5% plus VAT commission. These are the normal e-bikes you sell. They can be any mix or number the employer wants including cargo bikes. Obviously more expensive bikes cost more, as do additional bikes. You provide the normal warranties and service.”

Beyond this the retailer is simply asked to provide a service schedule for the fleet, furthering upping the store’s opportunity to convert customers to buying their own bike.

Howes says of the opportunity to introduce non-cyclists to a new experience: “If a local employer takes a pool of e-bikes then their employees will be encouraged to ride them. Which is more fun, an hour in a taxi in traffic or 30 minutes on an e-bike? If they’re available wouldn’t you want to try an e-bike? What if the employees can take them home for the weekend, as well as using them for business travel around the city? You know what happens when someone rides an e-bike for the first time.”

What’s involved for the reseller?

Firstly, Howes suggests that a business needs to make the decision that they are prepared to proactively market the Green Bike Pool Initiative to their local employer base. How they do that is up to them, though email shots, mail shots, business breakfasts and working with local councils who have been given money to increase cycling are all recommended

Howes adds: “We think Green Bike Pool is an outstanding way for proactive resellers to get into local businesses in a new and exciting way. We think it maximises the value of your business and is something the internet resellers can’t compete with. The costs to you are 5% and your marketing costs which you control.”

To inquire about the scheme, you can contact the Green Commute Initiative here, or call 020 3740 1836.