Nuvinci ups European support with new service partner

Fallbrook Technologies, the parent of NuVinci, has announced enhanced support for its European customers.

Effective immediately Ofelec AG, a bicycle distributor and support organization located in Möhlin, Switzerland will coordinate service and support for NuVinci Optimized bicycles and eBikes sold or ridden in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Ofelec is a relatively new, but expanding company located in Switzerland that imports, sells and supports two-wheeled vehicles, with or without electric drives and their spare parts. It will serve as the local contact with NuVinci Cycling for bicycle dealers and bicycle manufacturers.

“I am very pleased to have such a capable and responsive company as Ofelec in Switzerland adding to NuVinci Cycling’s local support capabilities,” said Michael Schrijnder, NuVinci Cycling’s recently hired Director, Service and Support.

“While NuVinci Optimized bicycles and eBikes typically require little, if any, maintenance, any downtime can be a major inconvenience, particularly for those who depend on their bikes for transportation. That is why we feel it is important to enhance nearby support capabilities.”

Those in the region can contact the business via +41 43 508 55 97, or by email at