Pinpoint CE launches new trade customer website

Pinpoint Consumer Electronics has launched a new online portal for its trade customers, from which each of its cycling and accessories brands will now be sold.

Functionality for the new site includes the ability to download imagery and materials for websites, search by product code or description, track prior orders and quickly access a store’s top-sellers for re-order.

The site gives retailers improved information on their accounts too, with the chance to pay invoices, and see their account balance.

“We had a stock drop just a couple of weeks ago,” Sales and National Operations Manager Craig Middleton told CI.N this morning. “We do have a limited amount of available stock of the Eovolt Confort 20” folding E bikes right now, which is unusual in the current climate.”

Pinpoint CE’s brands include Eovolt, Aftershokz, 4iiii (Power Meters, Heart Rate Monitors and Smart Trainers), Limar Helmets and Platysense GPS Swim Meters.

The B2B can be found here and prospective customers can apply for an account here. Terms are evaluated after a credit check – Proforma or 30 days offered depending on results.