Riese and Müller relaunch website showcasing all new 2021 models

As Riese and Müller aim to gain an advantage going into the 2021 season with a range of new product highlights, its revised website will go live at the end of September.

In addition to the user-friendly navigation improvements, the new website provides information on the new Packster 70 e-Cargo bike and the Roadster, Homage and Multicharger e-Bikes.

Packster 70

The new Packster 70 is a flexible e-Cargo bike able to carry loads and/or up to three passengers in its EPP box. It features a new load concept with its minimal turning circle as a result of its cable operated steering system which also features maximum storage space. Additionally, the new product has several safety features making it useable by families and for business.


The latest Roadster has undergone a complete redesign from its predecessor. Its cockpit features an integrated battery with up to 625Wh and a Bosch Performance Line CX motor. Furthermore, it features a Suntour suspension fork and equipment options such as the Comfort Kit or front luggage carrier. The Roadster is also available as the Roadster Mixte with a lowered top tube.


Not similarly to the Roadster, the new Homage has retained similar aspects of its previous model. In a product first, it has two fully integrated 625Wh batteries which can be removed with the single battery option. The optional Comfort Kit allows riders to have a more upright seating position and the additionally configurable lowerable saddle enables them to conveniently stop without getting off. A front luggage carrier with bag provides space for luggage or smaller purchases in addition to the co-sprung luggage carrier


With its 1125Wh, the new Multicharger has many uses with a maximum load of 65kg. The new Multicharger’s compact Bosch Performance Line CX motor is situated in a cast aluminium motor housing whilst the internal cabling also delivers a modern, clearly laid out cockpit.

Riese and Müller have already showcased the new 2021 products and features to its dealers in August during a digital preview week.