UCI said to be reconsidering 6.8kg weight limit on professional use bicycles

The World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry recently indicated that rules governing the weight of bikes used in the pro peleton may soon be relaxed.

Addressing a gathered crowd at the Taipei Cycle Show, WFSGI Bicycle Committee communications manager Yves Möri said that recent discussions with the sport’s governing body have been promising when it comes to relaxing regulations on weight, disc use in the pro-peleton and rules dictating aerodynamics in design.

The WFSGI’s Bicycle Committee has long served as the bike industry’s voice to the UCI and counts representatives from countless market leading brands among its collective voice.

It is now expected that a final proposal from the WFSGI will be presented later this year and it is hoped that the long-standing weight ruling will be softened in order that the industry can further innovate. For the UCI, any rule change would require a proper set of safety standards to be implemented in accordance with new limits.

Delivered at the same time, the update also detailed the counterfeiting operation undertaken by Convey, which removed €11 million worth of goods from web shops, including Alibaba, among others. CyclingIndustry.News interviewed Convey on this very topic earlier this year.

Bike-Eu has more detail on the meeting, including further detail on the 3:1 rule, which the UCI agrees will no longer apply to frames and forks.