Yvette Culbert to join Accelerate Agency

Starting in April, Yvette Culbert is to join the expanding Accelerate Agency from Factory Media. yvette

Accelerate – a premium sports marketing company currently expanding into the bike world – manages advertising campaigns for brands such as Bianchi and Brooks.

Culbert said: “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with Accelerate. After working in the bike industry for nearly three years, i have seen the needs of the market change with the digital age and with this, the challenges that brands face day-to-day to stay ahead of the curve. Accelerate is offering a fantastic service with technology to make it all just a little easier to digest as well as logistically more manageable.”

Yvette joins the business Monday 11th April and can be contacted by e­mail via  yvette.culbert@accelerateagency.co.uk