ENVE launches ‘no-questions-asked’ lifetime incident warranty

ENVE has introduced a Lifetime Incident Protection service, available to original owners of ENVE product.

Covering all ride and accident damage for the original owner – everything from driving a roof mounted bike into the garage to pot hole crashes and other ‘ill-fated mishaps’, ENVE pledges to replace the product, no questions asked.

The firm said product registration is recommended for prompt service, which requires a valid proof of purchase from ENVE or an authorised dealer.

The Lifetime Incident Protection service couples with ENVE’s 5-year limited warranty, for all rims, components and hard goods purchased from ENVE or an ENVE-authorised dealer, to be free from non conformance with ENVE material and worksmanship specifications.

More details are available here: https://www.enve.com/en/support/warranty/

ENVE is distributed in the UK by Saddleback, which recently took on stewardship of the brand in Germany and Austria too.