DfT offers up £20.6 million for green transport and clean air

The UK Department for Transport has announced a £20.6 million pot for the promotion of green transport.

To be split between 23 sustainable travel initiatives across England, the funding is designed to offer cheap, clean and healthy travel options, as well as access to related jobs. Individual grants range from £350,000 to £2.5 million.

Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said: “Green transport cuts congestion and improves air quality. It also offers the cheapest and healthiest way for people to access jobs and education.

“The schemes will make a real difference for residents and help provide better air quality for everyone. Our £21 million funding shows we are committed to improving lives through investment in sustainable transport.”

A DfT press release says that this money further’s the Government’s commitment to green transport, something that the Department has been heavily criticised for in active travel circles.

The press release goes on to say: More than £6 billion will be provided for local road maintenance up to 2021 benefiting cyclists as well as motorists, with well-surfaced roads and cycle paths. It is not specified how that money will be divided.

Those set to benefit from the additional funds and the breakdown of spend can be found here.

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