Fazua promises significant upgrades with Black Pepper firmware update next week

Next week, those with a Fazua drive system will be able to update to Black Pepper firmware for free (16 April).

Black Pepper comprises two separate software updates; evation Motor Software 2.0 and Toolbox Software 2.0. According to the makers, the evation update significantly improves efficiency for the compact unit. One of the most noticeable performance enhancements is the delivery of power over a broad cadence range, with more efficient assistance at a constant motor output over a cadence range of 50-120 revs per minute. There’s improvements to the riding feel too, says Fazua.

Onto the ‘Toolbox Software side of the update, which means modifying the assistance modes is intuitive and convenient, so the bike’s riding dynamics can be adjusted individually according to the rider’s needs.

The parameters that can be set include:

  • Max Power: controls maximum torque and power output
  • Support Relation: defines the relationship between the rider’s physical exertion and the drive’s motorized assistance.
  • Ramp-Up: determines the motor’s responsiveness and acceleration power

Kinesis UK’s first electric bike (which debuted at Cycle Show last year) utilised the Fazua drive and the distributor says it has been running a pre-release version of this firmware on the Kinesis UK RISE E-trail hardtail demo bikes for a month, telling us it “it really opens up the system and will make Fazua an even more respected system”. Upgrade has an extensive demo fleet available through our dealer network.

In June, Upgrade takes delivery of its RANGE drop bar gravel/adventure e-bike and RANGE flat bar fitness/adventure bike.

There’s more on Black Pepper here.