Herrmans launch new Nordic XTREME light technology for e-Bikes

Herrmans are continuing to see innovation through 2020 with its new Nordic XTREME light technology which featured at the company’s first online product launch in 2020. Working with its sister company Nordic Lights, Herrmans aim to bring car technology into the bike industry.

Tomas Porthin, Chief Technical Engineer for Lights and Compliance said, “Nowadays most cars are equipped with projector-type head lights. Main benefits of projector optics are a high optical efficiency and a very exact guiding of the light, it also gives a modern look. Our new solution of the projector optics, for which we have a European patent application pending, is optimised for the needs of e-bikes.”

Nordic XTREME offers both high and low beam. The low beam offers 650 Lumens and 120 Lux, and the high beam offers 1100 Lumens and 250 Lux. The Nordic PRO however, is equipped with only low beam.

The lights feature effective alloy housing that cools the LEDs whilst the glass lens is made from UV and scratch resistant material. Its smart bracket solution allows for it to be mounted either with fastening point on the top side for handlebar- or stem, or with fastening point on the bottom side for fork mounting.