Riese & Müller shift to dealer direct model for UK

Electric and cargo bike specialists Riese & Müller has told CI.N it is to follow the dealer-direct route to market deployed elsewhere in Europe in the UK.

Having established dealer-direct operations in France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and recently Spain, the label is at present interviewing for a UK head of sales.

Timo Gührer, head of international strategy, said: “Our base just outside of Frankfurt handles production, logistics and hosts our offices. From here Riese & Müller is well versed in supplying our European partners. We have production runs finished within three to five weeks and we remain nimble on our stock holding. Dealers can expect to have bikes delivered in three to five days in the UK when we are up and running.”

Packages for stockists are to be finalised in the coming weeks and a demo program will be available for partners to introduce customers to the portfolio.

Expecting to have a UK representative on the road by May dealers both present and prospective are invited to inquire about stock holding here.