Yamaha’s new PW-X chops 380 grams over PW and adds power

Joining the existing PW, Yamaha has introduced a new 380 gram lighter motor, dubbed the PW-X.

Shaving 13% of its size over the pre-existing motor, Yamaha have now shifted away from a square taper axle to the ISIS standard and 128mm axle length.

A battery upgrade means that the PW-X is now in line with its key competitors, delivering 500Wh. For those with a Yamaha-clad e-bike already, the new battery is backward compatible, if you’d like to upgrade.

Upgraded engagement is another perk with 2 additional pawls offset to increase the number of points to make contact with on the ratchet. The upside of this is less delay when the rider steps on the pedals.

The prior generation topped out at around 100RPM, though the PW-X increases the maximum cadence by upto 120RPM. This paired with an added power mode (Extra Power), will help riders up some of the steeper inclines. In total five modes are on offer and displayed on the head unit; Eco+, ECo, Standard, High and Extra Power.