à BLOC “booze for cyclists” offers stake in business (and potentially free beer)

Dutch brewer à BLOC has launched a crowdfund campaign to bring its “beer for cyclists” to market in Australia, the UK and Spain, offering a stake in the company via Symbid.

Requiring £213,693 and 22% funded at the time of writing with 28 days to run, the brewer is well on course to being able to expand its 4.9% alcohol beer’s reach.

With production started in September, 2016, the UK first got a taste of the tipple at the Rouleur Classic in November. Meanwhile, the first batch brewed for Australia will debut at the Tour Down Under.

By why exactly should cyclists buy in to the booze?

The craft beer is an unfiltered, unpasteurized, natural blond, within which Alpine Minerals are infused – something the brand has trademarked and insists will give cyclists all the get up and go they need to get in the saddle the following day hangover free. The blend is also rich in Vitamin B and proteins.

Where possible, the firm is looking to sell through bicycle retailers, as well as via craft beer and wine channels.

The crowd funding campaign offers investors a convertible loan, meaning the company repays your loan after five years at 7% interest, or allows conversion of the amount of that loan (with interest) to company stock at a 30% discounted rate. Other perks may also include free beer!