Backcountry Research goes exclusive in UK with

Montana’s Backcountry Research has signed distributor/retailer as its UK backcountpartner.

Of particular interest to the racing and backpacking cyclists among us, Backcountry Research’s goods solve storage problems with simple minimalist solutions. Products include:

  • Race Strap – Attach an MTB inner tube, Co2 and tyre levers to your saddle rails. Five colours and compatible with dropper posts. These retail at £15.99
  • Camrat Strap – Like the Race Strap, but slightly shorter for road inner tubes. Retail price: £14.99
  • Hypalon Mutherload – Attach your tube, Co2, Allen keys and more to any tube on your frame. £18.99 at retail.
  • Super 8 Frame Mount – mounts to your top tube and allows almost anything to be carried (jacket, gloves, GPS etc). Retailing at £16.99.

The addition follows closely the announcement that Cyclorise will also distribute fellow US label Timber! who have a unique bike bell, which is particularly well suited to the busy tow path.

Read up on Backcountry’s product portfolio here.