Bethesda to host annual cargo bike summit in bid to grow commercial e-mobility market

Set for the Bethesda Marriot Hotel, the organisers of the Electric Bike Expo series will debut a new international-facing exhibition for the cargo bike market.

Dubbed the U.S. Cargo Bike Summit, the two day meet encourages European cargo bike businesses to visit and understand the commercial opportunity said to be emerging in the United States. The dates are scheduled as April 5th to 6th.

Co-organiser Ray Verhelst told CyclingIndustry.News: “There is a swell of commercial businesses wanting to understand the logistical potential of the bicycle as a means for moving their goods. For this reason we are hosting this East coast event in a bid to draw in European experts who have really run with this kind of product.”

Verhelst also confirmed to CI.N that the Florida leg of the Electric Bike Expo will proceed following concerns over the conditions following hurricane damage.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet manufacturers, importers and fabricators currently involved in building electric , pedal-assist cargo bikes and associated accessories. Drive system manufacturers are expected to be in attendance to further deliver information on the next generation of motors and drivetrains to power logistics.

It has been proven that use of cargo bikes for logistics can in most cases be a money saver for the majority of businesses outside of hilly regions. In a study spanning several European territories, businesses who took part in a trial to see how cargo bikes could assist their business almost unanimously opted to continue usage.

Cargo bikes are being used widely in Europe for logistics by the likes of DHL and even bike retailers to assist in logistics.

Verhelst added of the show: “This is a huge opportunity for our industry. We already know that most of the 900 plus electric bike specialists in the U.S. are recording double digit growth every year, this is an extension of that opportunity. This will be an excellent networking opportunity to get in front of large corporations exploring more efficient mobility for their businesses.”

Sessions at the expo will address the regulations behind everything from street-legal use, business licensing, the technical platforms available today, and how they are being used around the globe. Attendees will be able to hear from experts currently using or at least testing the commercial applications and understand both the operational side, as well as the tremendous marketing benefits of adopting e-mobility platforms.

Registration for the event is now live here.