Birmingham Air Quality Action Plan out for public consultation

Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet committee have agreed to consult on its latest draft Air Quality Action Plan, which plans to improve air quality between 2020 and 2025. The report will replace the existing action plan which was launched in 2011.

This action plan comes after the Birmingham City Council opened consultation earlier this year on measures designed to back active and sustainable travel.

Waseem Zaffar, Birmingham City Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment, said: “Air pollution is a major public health risk ranking alongside cancer, heart disease and obesity and there are several routes across Birmingham where nitrogen oxide levels exceed legal guidelines. Everyone has the right to breathe safe, clean air and this action plan will set out how we intend to make that happen.”

“The Clean Air Zone, which will launch in 2021, focuses on tackling air pollution in the city centre where nitrogen dioxide levels are at their highest but there is more to Birmingham than the inner ring road. This plan will help to identify locations outside the centre to make sure the whole of Birmingham – including its suburbs and residential areas – has safe and legal levels of nitrogen dioxide.”, said Zaffar.

The plan aims to identify locations outside the Clean Air Zone that have high nitrogen dioxide levels as well as reducing emissions from motor vehicles and control industrial and domestic air pollution.

In addition to the Clean Air Zone, the action plan looks at implementing strategic transport improvements, such as promoting alternatively fuelled vehicles and more active forms of transport. Perhaps then, it can be predicted that the new action plan will have a positive effect on the number of people cycling and walking in the city.

Until the consultation starts, the draft plan is available to read on the Birmingham City Council website.