Brands to get close with global press at new Idaho Media Summit

A new press camp announced by Adrian Montgomery’s CrankTank will draw in leading cycling journalists from around the globe giving brands one to one access as MY19 product samples start landing.

Set for Sun Valley in Idaho and running June 26th to 28th, the organisers are already sounding out industry labels and international press keen to attend.

Running demos throughout, the event will grant editor’s access to a plethora of great riding around Sun Valley, which boasts hundreds of miles of OHV-legal singletrack, making it an ideal testing ground for the latest e-mountain bikes launching in North America. Likewise, Idaho has more gravel roads than paved providing excellent proving grounds for the ever-growing range of all terrain road bikes. A ski resort in winter, the venue has good uplift access.

“We’re already seeing healthy interest in the event from both media and brands,” said CrankTank Vice President Adrian Montgomery. “The opportunity to ride trendsetting bikes and equipment in a world-class cycling destination like Sun Valley provides an attractive perk to media, and the brands value the ability to get face time and actually go out and ride with media. And because much of our singletrack is motorized legal, we can offer a unique setting for both media and brands to wrap their heads around the emerging e-MTB category, and our massive inventory of unimproved backcountry roads serves up the ultimate gravel experience.”

Those brands and media set to attend will be announced in January.

Those interested in exhibiting can contact organiser Lars-Erik Johnson here.

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