CI.N Seminars: Frog’s Dr Tom Korff details why children’s bikes should not mimic adult builds

Coming in tandem with the announcement that Frog Bikes’ Push The Limits bike line for older kids is now available, we can today bring you Dr Tom Korff’s CI.N Seminar.

Detailing why “children are not just small adults”, Korff discusses why you cannot simply shrink an adult’s bike and create a comfortable solution for kids.

Such thinking has seen Frog work together with an OEM fork manufacturer to create junior specific suspension. The adjustable air-sprung forks are said to be responsive at the low pressure levels allowing for an appropriate amount of travel even for the lighter riders.

The new bikes are true to the lightweight nature of the main range with the three bike range weighing between 11.3kg and 11.5kg / 24.9lbs and 25.4lbs.

“We have spent considerable time developing this range and have paid particular attention to child specific components, such as the brake levers and air suspension forks with lockout and damping control. The MTBs have also been ISO tested to adult MTB standards, so we can be confident of their quality and endurance,” said Korff of the development.

For details on the range head here, or tune in to Korff’s talk on bike fitting for kids at the base of this article. (Please excuse the camera flip at approx 15 minutes, our Editor has now been banned from all technology…)

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