CycleMetriq debuts new motion capture bike fit technology

A new motion capture bike fitting system, backed by Biomechanics giant Noraxon, has landed, promising a new level of biomechanical analysis.

Utilising motion capture sensors, IMU (inertial measurement unit) and EMG (Electromyography) technologies, as well as pressure and high-speed video, the fitter is able to gather a plethora of metrics in previously unseen detail to ensure the perfect fit.

To briefly explain the benefits of using IMU technology, this solves a common problem faced by fitters. The tech enables those carrying out the analysis to track movements in realtime via small clusters of paired intelligent sensors. As many as 16 IMUs can track the whole body performing any motion and can be set to record for eight hours via on board data logging. These sensors can be synced to high-speed cameras and other Noraxon analysis tech.

The founders of the MotionMetriq product bring to the table experience in sports science and research stemming back as far as the 90s when the founders started out at Dublin’s Trinity College.

The CycleMetriq system is therefore the result of thesis projects and cycling population studies and later work in bike retail, orthotics, 2 and 3D motion capture, teaching cycling biomechanics and delivering athlete performance strategies.

Partners include bike fitting experts GeobioMized, whose systems are now used in 25 countries around the world.

Shown first at Interbike, the CycleMetriq system is now set for a market release by December of this year.

For more details on the system’s capabilities catch the video below:

MotionMetriq at InterBike from MotionMetriq on Vimeo.