Decathlon to add 2nd full-size store to San Francisco’s Bay Area

Decathlon will be opening its second full-size store in San Fransicsco’s Bay Area, with the newest location coming this November.

The future store will be located in the Potrero Centre, the original location of the Seals Stadium and first home of the San Francisco Giants.

Decathlon’s Potrero store will be a 38,370 square foot sports experiential retail centre, featuring a large community space for events and workshops in addition to its full line of sports gear and equipment for over 80 different sports.

The French retailer opened its first full-size store in the area in March earlier this year, in addition to its initial ‘lab store’ which opened the previous year.

Bertrand Tison, who is leading Decathlon’s Potrero project, said: “We’re excited to continue makign sports more accessible for Bay Area residents and families. This shopping centre was once a hub for sports in San Francisco, and we look forward to bringing sports back to the centre and being part of the Potero Hill-Mission District community.”

Decathlon is also expanding its use of technology-driven solutions to make the shopping experience simple, enjoyable and convenient, including mobile checkout, an in-store robot named Tally for inventory and improved click-and-collect ordering.

Hayley Everett

Multimedia Reporter

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