Elite launches biodegradable cycling water bottle Jet

JET is a new cycling water bottle made of biodegradable plastic material, from Elite.
The brand said the innovative plastic material is treated with a special additive, making it possible to lower the time it takes for the bottle to decompose when compared to regular industrial composting cycles.
The additive paves the way for the microorganisms responsible for the biodegradation of the materials to attack the polymeric chain of the plastic. This means, we’re told, that the time taken for the bottle to degrade is significantly reduced.
Elite says the Jet will biodegrade between three months to a year, compared to regular plastic products – estimated to be between 100-1,00 years for decomposition.
The Jet includes the Elite cap also found in the Fly bottle, featuring an ergonomic design and made in multi-materials. The soft, odourless and tasteless push-pull nozzle ensures abundant liquid flow, says Elite, ideal for competitive riding. The cap is quick to unscrew too for cleaning and refills. It has a snap-fit safety opening to dampen any accidental collision should it come into contact with wheels.
Furthermore, the Jet is sportily designed in a standard 74mm so it fits in commercially available cages. It comes in three sizes and four colours. www.elite-it.com