Fazua and Comodule link for in-app insurance feature

In partnership with Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Comodule, Fazua has announced a new in-app insurance feature for owners of e-bikes carrying its drive systems.

The insurance policy itself is offered through a broker affiliated with multiple insurance companies. That way, Fazua can provide a variety of insurance plans through the app, depending on their customer’s needs. Users can find all of the information about the insurance plans within the App which is included in the bike’s purchase.

The policy has no end date, meaning the customer pays automatically based on their selected billing period and cancels whenever they want. This allows the user to test the feature for a shorter period of time, insuring their bike for as little as one month. The pricing depends on the value of the bike, the insurance period and the insurance plan itself. For example, a Kasko insurance plan for an e-bike valued between €1,500 and €3,000 can be around €4.1 per month.

The user can choose between Kasko (protecting their bike against damage), Theft-Only (getting the bike replaced when stolen) and Full-Kasko (complete coverage for repair and theft). All policy information is also sent to the user’s email and they can continue using the insurance on the same terms, even if they don’t want to use the app or uninstall it.

“At Fazua our mindset revolves around how to provide better, more energetic rides for everyone. That’s why we are always seeking to improve our customer’s experience, be it while, after or prior to riding their bikes. The possibility to now directly book an E-Bike insurance through the Comodule Rider App fits this goal. It gives back time and peace of mind, so our riders can purely focus on enjoying their bike adventures,” says Oliver Heisig, Digital Project Manager and Product Owner at Fazua

The pilot version of this project launched today, on June 15th, and is initially only available in Germany on Android platforms.

For this project Comodule built the in-app insurance policies.

“Comodule is proud to partner with FAZUA to offer the service of e-bike insurance through the Comodule White Label App. It allows riders to cover their e-bike in an easy and secure way, creating a peace of mind user experience without dealing with separate service providers,” says Sven Bernhardt, the Head of Sales at Comodule, about the project.