Garmin acquires fitness algorithm experts Firstbeat Analytics

Garmin has acquired the Firstbeat Analytics business, bringing technology that the firm already relied on exclusively under its wing.

Firstbeat are responsible for generating the algorithms that training software uses as building blocks to deliver data to riders through hardware. Among those features built by the company measurements of VO2 Max and Lactate threshold, real-time performance condition measurements and the ability to track the physiological impact of all training activities over a period of time are featured on a long list.

For the wearables giant it puts a lid on sharing the skillset with competitors operating in the space as they had been and removes the need to keep up a licence fee for the tech used. For the consumer, that is likely to mean better value going forwards.

“Having utilized Firstbeat’s innovative analytics across our product lines for more than a decade, we are excited to have the Firstbeat Analytics associates join the Garmin team, establishing us at the forefront of physiological analytics,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin president and CEO. “Together with their team of physiologists, scientists and engineers, we look forward to providing Garmin customers with unmatched technology for greater performance, recovery and overall health.”

“Millions of Garmin customers depend on Firstbeat Analytics data from their smartwatch or cycling computer every day,” said Aki Pulkkinen, co-founder of Firstbeat. “We have enjoyed a strong collaboration with Garmin over the years, and we look forward to continuing to work together to bring the most advanced and accurate health and performance data to our customers.”

Garmin has acquired a handful of complimentary businesses in recent years, including taking on indoor training brand Tacx in 2019.

Firstbeat Analytics is the consumer licensing business formerly a part of Firstbeat Technologies. Firstbeat Technologies will continue operating its Wellness and Professional Sports businesses.