GB Cycling Embassy launches to debunk arguements cycling advocates face

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain has today launched a cycling advocacy resource at

Designed to act as a tool to debunk the most common myths surrounding cycling’s impact on towns and cities, the web resource uses plain and simple language paired with statistics and factual analysis to assist campaigners.

Chair of the Cycling Embassy Mark Treasure said “We get regular enquiries about all sorts of well-known myths, misinterpretations and misunderstandings – not paying road tax, not being Dutch, and so on. We looked at the ‘Your Logical Fallacy Is’ site and really liked it, so thought a cycling equivalent would be a great idea.

“We hope the clear explanations of why such claims are mistaken will make this new website a great resource for people who come up against the same arguments time after time. We also hope it will enable people to engage in positive debates about cycling as a mode of transport for the future.”

Treasure is also the author of As Easy as Riding a Bike, a blog dedicated to cycling advocacy and analysis of political movement.

Newcycling Chair Katja Leyendecker said “This tool will really free up our time for the important stuff! It’s so vital for campaigners to keep a good focus, be able to deal with distractions quickly and accurately, and debunk time-wasting spurious claims effectively. The Cycling Fallacies website will enable us to spend more of our volunteering time on positively campaigning for change.”

Wondering what to say when the local authority suggests that more cycling will cause congestion? Point them here. Tired of hearing how those who cycle are the only people who run red lights? Here’s your response.  The road tax myth? Problem solved.

The site – – was created by the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, and is open for fallacy debunking and suggestions today. The site is also offered in Dutch.