Greenstorm launches online marketplace for used e-Bikes

Europe’s largest reseller in the used e-Bike sector, Greenstorm, has today opened its online marketplace offering private traders the opportunity to sell their used e-Bikes.

The Austrian company, established as recently as 2016, has partnered with hundreds of dealers across Austria, Germany and Italy. Through the platform, customers can choose from 90,000 mint condition and used e-Bikes ranging in price from €1,600 to €12,000, while dealers can sell their new e-Bikes commission-free.

Describing how the marketplace works, Greenstorm CEO Philipp Zimmermann said: “High quality e-Bikes are durable products that can be used for many years. For rechargeable batteries, the number of charge cycles is crucial.

“Decisive for the state of the e-Bike are, of course, the kilometres driven. It determines the level of wear and tear, and we adjust the new prices accordingly. We also deduct any damage and signs of use adequately from the resale price so that an unbeatable, fair deal is created.”

Greenstorm started out providing hoteliers across Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Mallorca with e-Bike fleets and charging stations, racking up a 600-strong portfolio of hotels as early on as 2017.

Take a look at the online marketplace here.

Hayley Everett

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