Hannover Micromobility Expo set to return for second year

After its successful premiere last year, the Micromobility Expo will be returning to Hannover in 2020 with new topics, more space, and extended test tracks.

Preparations for the second edition of the light vehicles, mobility infrastructure and services fair are underway with a renewed focus on sustainability, last mile business solutions and legal framework.

“In light of the current political and social debate on the mobility of tomorrow, the fair brings together industry, politics and users to promote micro-mobility in our society,” said Simona Erdmann, project manager of the expo.

E-Bikes, cargo bikes and e-Cargo bikes will be featured at the show alongside e-Scooters, pedelecs, e-Skateboards and other light vehicles. Innovative solutions for charging and transport infrastructures, intermodal mobility concepts and sharing systems will also be presented.

The event will also tackle issues surrounding public debate over the benefits of e-Scooters and their conflicts with other road users, which while permitted in Germany are currently illegal on roads, pavements and cycle paths in the UK.

Raimund Nowak, director of the Metropolregion Hannover Braunschweig Gottingen Wolfsburg, welcomes debate on the topic during the expo, but said: “The e-Scooter scores are widely spaced and the micromobility expo is a great way to evaluate the first year of e-Scooter use, and we should not be fooled by critical glances at e-Scooters – big vehicles create big problems in our cities.”

Could e-Scooters lead to more safe cycling infrastructure? CI.N broaches the subject here.

Fellow experts from politics and business will discuss the new social and economic challenges with trade fair visitors, including Professor Dr med Stefan Rammler, scientific director of the Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment in Berlin.

“Against the background of a dynamically growing world population, it is necessary to combine sustainability, social justice and economic efficiency, and in this sense the Micromobility Expo is the true future fair for the reinvention of 21st century mobility,” he said.

Further information on the event can be found here.

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