UPDATED: Saddles specific to e-bikes? Shimano teases a Pro solution

Shimano label Pro has teased a saddle solutions said to have been developed exclusively for electric bike applications.

Based largely around Pro’s higher-end road saddles, yet featuring a number of enhanced widths, the development comes about in response to feedback showing that electric bike users are typically spending more time in the saddle than most.

Shown to press at Eurobike’s Media Days, an adaptation of the existing Vulture was displayed, given a suitably electric twist with the Volture name tag.

Shimano told us: “The padding and shape has been designed for e-bike riding. As e-MTB motors help riders uphill, they don’t have to get out of the saddle as often as they do on a regular MTB and therefore they can remain in the same position longer. The padding shape gives better comfort for more time in the saddle and more weight being transmitted through the saddle. The tail-up design minimises the backwards movement of the rider when the motor is kicking in (uphill). The front of the saddle has a wider nose for those steep climbs where you need to shift your weight forward.”

Mounting holes on the underside of all the saddles mean after-market accessories such as race plates, camera mounts and fenders can be attached directly.

In debuting new innovations to press, the firm also lifted the lid on upgrades to its STEPS e-bike componentry, as well as introducing press to results from its “No Single Truth” campaign, something that illustrates that 2X drivetrain demand is still alive and well.