RooDol’s foldable rollers ink distribution deal with Moore Large

RooDol’s patented foldable training roller systems have joined the Moore Large’s branded
portfolio, for exclusive distribution in both the UK and Eire, starting with mid-August delivery.

The range consists of two trainers retailing from £195; the ‘Compact’ version with smaller cylinders for
both mountain bike and road and the ‘Track’ with larger cylinders allowing more inertia, stability,
balance and lower resistance. Also available are the eRooDol Compact or Track cylinders that record
both speed and cadence directly to a mobile phone. RooDol products complement pedal training with the option of specific routines including sprint series, high-speed pedaling or pedaling with resistance.

Brand Manager, Graham Darby, commented, “We have been looking for a suitable brand of trainers for
some years. Finally, we have discovered a brand that really understands indoor cycling, not only
offering a lightweight, compact design but also allowing the user to take full advantage of their physical

The original RooDol prototype was a three-cylinder training system for warm-ups and cycling training.
After inventing the system, patenting the product and improving the design, the first RooDol launched
in February 2015. Professional champions in cycling like Carlos Coloma, Victor Koretzy, Raiza Goulao
and teams such as East London Fixed and Aprire Bicycles / HSS Hire approve and use RooDol.

For more information or to become a RooDol stockist, contact the Moore Large sales team on 01332 274252.