Hunt Wheels issues voluntary recall on 48 Limitless Aero Disc wheels

Hunt Bike Wheels has issued a voluntary recall on its 48 Limitless Aero Disc wheels.

Emails sent to customers last week and seen by CI.N spoke of a “small number of incidents where the rims have suffered significant damage as a result of impacts on potholes.” In one instance this resulted in a crash causing minor injuries.

Hunt has now asked customers to stop riding the wheels immediately and urged users to get in touch to arrange a change of rim.

“Despite the wheels having passed the industry standard stationary impact and cobbled rolling road tests, we have decided as a precaution to recall your wheels and replace the rims with a new updated and strengthened rim design,” said Hunt’s Senior Tech Manager Al Vines in the statement. “We take safety incredibly seriously here, which is why we have decided to take a cautious approach and replace your rims with an improved design as soon as possible.”

Replacement rims are in the process of being manufactured and shipped, with estimates for a December/January availability given to customers. In cases where the rider decides they would prefer not to wait, Hunt has offered a wheel exchange or full refund.

In reference to its wind tunnel work, Hunt add: “We know these are a world beating aerodynamic wheel design so we hope you are able to bear with us while we get the new rims sorted.”

Hunt Wheels produced the below video to demonstrate the testing the wheels undergo to surpass ISO standards.

Concluding its apology to customers, the firm said: “As is the way with all responsible companies, we issue updated safety advice to our customers where necessary to ensure riders can use our equipment with confidence ongoing. We take testing and development very seriously, with full ISO lab testing and, going beyond these, real world testing and full safety procedures and documentation in place from all of our suppliers.”

Hunt Bike Wheels are carried and distributed to the trade via ITS Cycling, also known as The Rider Firm. The distributor is known for its creation of performance house labels such as Dissent 133 and new bike label Cairn.