Accell Group acquires mobile service biz Beeline Bikes, hints at Euro advance

The Accell Group has cemented its long-running partnership with Beeline Bikes by today announcing the full acquisition of the mobile service business.

Accell has long offered its North American customers the ability to have its bikes delivered and serviced by the network of mobile mechanics. As part of this arrangement the Accell Group held a minority stake in the business, something which has this week been raised to full ownership.

“The acquisition perfectly fits Accell Group’s strategy to offer mobile bike services as part of its consumer centric omni-channel model,” said the announcement.

Ton Anbeek, CEO of Accell Group added: “To win locally in the North American market our strategy will focus on the needs and wishes of consumers through a true omni-channel approach. We want to empower IBDs to serve cyclists the way they research and buy today – across multiple channels. We have been
partnering with Beeline Bikes for quite a while and have found that their mobile model and technology platform offer highly attractive synergies with the traditional brick and mortar channels. Beeline Bikes enables us to offer expansion to our IBD partners; it brings convenience, high-touch service, and an experiential and data-driven solution that rapidly expands our consumer reach while bolstering value to our growing franchise network in North America. This acquisition is a clear case of 1+1=3.”

Beeline Bikes will have direct access to the brands and resources of Accell Group’s North American business as it grows its franchise network in the coming years. In addition, the acquisition offers Accell Group the opportunity to bring Beeline Bikes to Europe.

Beeline has been on the road for five years, during which time it has refined its offering to align with the rise of the online bike purchase, offering delivery and on the doorstep setup.