MDI adds UK made nutrition label N-fuse

Mike Dixon Imports has announced the addition of Lancashire-made N-fuse, a producer of sports nutrition supplements.

A relatively new label in the nutrition world, the label comes from Sam Iddon, a long-term cyclist who started the company with a line of protein and energy goods.

On offer now are an 836 gram Surge Energy powder, designed to be used pre-workout and containing a blend of Beta Alanine, Electrolytes, and BCAA.

Second of all, a 560 gram protein blend designed for post-workout contains 2.3 grams of Leucine, an amino acid used to biosynthesise proteins.

Both blends come in at £22.99 retail price.

Anthony Ives of MDI told CI.N: “I’ve known the people behind N-Fuse for some time and watched the company emerge into what it is today. Informed-Sport, a global test house for nutrition gods, has just rubber stamped the product so our dealers can be assured it’s good stuff and safe to use. We;re told to expect expansion of the range into gels, among other lines, in the future.”

Stock is now available to order via MDI’s revamped B2B, with next day delivery and a reduced carriage threshold now offered.