Muc-Off launch new sanitising Anti-Viral ONE SHOT Grenade

Bike care and maintenance brand, Muc-Off, has released its new, Anti-Viral ONE SHOT Grenade designed to sanitise vehicles and rooms.

This comes after the brand launched its Rainproof Essentials Case and its first ever air filter care range in October

Alex Trimnell, Muc-Off CEO said: “I am stoked that we are launching the powerful Anti-Viral ONE SHOT Grenade. This innovative product means that now there is a way to sanitise the spaces we all use and live in on a daily basis.”

The Anti-Viral ONE SHOT grenade comes in a 150ml spray which is able to sanitise rooms and vehicle interiors in one shot.  The product is easily activated in a single ‘spray and go’ use and is proven to be a highly powerful measure against bacteria and enveloped viruses.

The combination of quaternary ammonium compounds (QUAT) and alcohol in the ONE SHOT kills 99.99% of bacteria plus enveloped viruses.  After activating the ONE SHOT, it only takes a few minutes for its contents to be released.

The ONE SHOT grenade can be used in vehicles, offices, retail outlets and homes. Whilst the formula is tough on bacteria and enveloped viruses, it is safe on surfaces and has been tested to the EN14476 standard against enveloped viruses.

Muc-Off have a wider range of personal protection products available including sanitisers, gels and reusable face masks. The sanitisers range from compact bottles ideal for commuters, through to refillable family size sprays. Furthermore, the face masks are water resistant, filter dust and have an antibacterial layer.

Muc-Off are donating 10% of all profits made from their antibacterial range and sales of the ONE SHOT Anti-viral grenade to the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

More details can be found here