NABSA announces ‘first of its kind’ micro-mobility bike-share conference

The North American Bike-Share Association (NABSA) has announced its annual conference in Indianapolis will bring together leaders and professionals in shared micro-mobility, this September.

A ‘first of its kind’, the conference will unite the biggest brains in bike-share and shared micro-mobility to set strategies that will impact on daily commutes, facilitate cross-sector conversations and initiate discussions around shared public right-of-way and public-private partnership. Panels and experts will address ongoing work in the micro-mobility sector and the management of multiple shared mobility devices.

Last month, NABSA announced initial plans for the conference after unveiling its Strategic Vision for 2019 which laid out the organisation’s aim to integrate micro-mobility in to its bike-shares. NABSA also welcomed two new members to its board of directors, and appointed four current board members to officer positions. More information about NABSA’s new board and vision for the future, can be found here.

Sam Herr, NABSA Executive Director, said: “Shared micro-mobility continues to be a growing trend that allows more people to get where they need to go. And if it fits in a bike lane, it fits in NABSA.

“Our annual conference will allow mobility leaders to converge under the same roof to discuss the implementation, management and innovation of bike-share, scooters and other shared micro-mobility devices.”

NABSA’s 2019 conference will take place 30 September to the 2 October, in Indianapolis. To stay up to date on conference announcements and registration, click here.

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