NABSA includes micro-mobility plans in 2019 strategic vision

The North American Bike-share Association (NABSA) has unveiled its strategic vision for 2019, including plans to integrate shared micro-mobility options into its bike-shares.

After a two-day staff and Board of Directors retreat earlier this month, the association has published its new “vision for growth” which intends to incorporate scooters and other shared micro-mobility devices in to its oversight. The association’s new policy is: “If it fits in a bike lane, it fits in NABSA.”

The organisation’s plans for 2019 include leveraging its ability to facilitate cross-sector conversations around the shared micro-mobility industry. NABSA’s upcoming conference in Indianapolis in August next year will focus on sharing the public right-of-way, public-private partnership, and the management of multiple shared micro-mobility devices.

The association has also confirmed its commitment to carrying out research and data projects to help guide the industry and drive it forward.

NABSA also welcomed two new bike-share members to its Board of Directors. Alison Cohen, President and CEO at Bicycle Transit Systems, and Ben Bolte, Founder and Executive Director of Greenbike SLC, will join the board.

Cohen has been involved in the bike-share industry for 10 years, leading Bicycle Transit System’s 120 employees to operate highly-utilised, financially sustainable bike-share systems across the U.S.

Bolte, a founding member of NABSA, has expanded Greenbike by 400% since it began, and has worked in a variety of roles in the bike-share industry over the past eight years.

The association also advanced four current board members in to officer positions. Kristen Camareno, Executive Director at Fort Worth Bike-Sharing, takes on the role of President, while David White, Executive Director of Pittsburgh Bike-Share, is to be Vice-President. Steve Hoyt-McBeth, Programme manager at Portland Bureau of Transportation, will become Secretary, and Kären Haley, Executive Director of Indianapolis Cultural Trail/Pacers bike-share, will fill the role of Treasurer.

Samantha Herr, Executive Director of NABSA, said of the changes: “As long-standing members of NABSA and the bike-share industry, this team’s leadership will help us continue to fulfil and grow our mission. The bike-share industry is changing, and this leadership team is well-poised to help steer NABSA towards that change.”

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