New Motion Labs showcase Enduo™ Evolve Cargo series & Evolve Track drivetrains at Eurobike 2021

Eurobike 2021 saw New Motion Labs showcase its Enduo™ Evolve Cargo series, featuring the Cargo, the Cargo+ and the Super Cargo. Visitors to the show were able to test ride the tech on a cargo e-bike.

Enduo™ Evolve is a new proprietary sprocket tooth profile technology that enables conventional roller chains to transfer power on both sides of the tooth. This significantly reduces frictional wear and improves the efficiency and lifetime of cargo e-bikes. With Evolve Cargo technology, cargo e-bikes can cope with 30% higher loads under peak tension, have a 30% longer lifetime and can travel further on a single charge.

The brand also displayed the Evolve Track and Evolve Track 8mm drivetrains at the Eurobike show. The Evolve will be available to purchase imminently through New Motion Labs’ license partners, Wattshop and Velobike.

Marcel Fowler, CEO, said: “The combination of Enduo™ tooth profile technology and an 8mm pitch chain represents the highest efficiency drivetrain ever developed for single speed applications”

New Motion Labs is currently partnering with a major manufacturer and supplier of cargo e-bikes for a pilot project, where the drivetrain will be tested across six premium cargo e-bikes – three fitted with the Enduo™ Evolve technology and three identical bikes fitted with conventional drivetrain technologies. Testing with the University of Stuttgart has already proven significant lifetime savings, including up to 7x reduction in wear and 30%+ longer drive lifetime.

Fowler added: “The Enduo™ Cargo is the the world’s first cargo e-bike specific drivetrain and represents a leap forward in drivetrain technology for the demands of cargo e-bikes, the cargo combines the revolutionary Enduo™ system and industrial chain technology to create the most durable drivetrain ever.”

More information on New Motion Labs can be found here.

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