Riese & Müller to add two new production units

Hot on the heels of the news that KTM will expand its production, Riese & Müller will likewise add two brand new production units on the eastern edge of the firm’s existing plot on its campus in Mühltal near Darmstadt.

“The global demand for E-Bikes and Cargo Bikes has risen considerably once again in the past year. We expect this trend to continue and more and more people to discover E-Bikes as a healthy and sustainable means of transport for themselves. We have decided to further expand our production capacities to keep pace with future growth, both at home and abroad. The new building will provide additional space for our E-Bike assembly section and important upstream and downstream processes, as well as ideal working conditions for our constantly increasing number of employees,” declared Heiko Müller, founder and CEO of Riese & Müller.

Also sited on the land will be an additional development and service department, as well as additional offices. The company will also be hiring more than 60 new employees for its e-Bike production by April 2021. The construction work for the new premises will begin in May 2021 and is set to be completed in July 2022.

The additional space is estimated to cover an extra 10,000 m², with operations likely to commence by July of 2022. Spanning a total of three floors there will further be space for sections of the shipping department, additional offices and seminar rooms.

In keeping with another trend in the cycling business, Riese & Müller will progress with sustainable practices, adding a photovoltaic system on the roof to supply the building with 100% solar power. Rainwater will be stored in a cistern and used as process water, minimising the consumption of drinking water.

“This exchange at all levels and across all areas is an important building block of our culture,” explains Dr Sandra Wolf, CEO of Riese & Müller.

Riese & Müller