Sako7 channels fresh investment into manufacturing switch and brand relaunch

Cycling apparel label Sako7 has channeled new investment into a full brand relaunch, meanwhile moving its production to founder Sean Sakinofsky’s native South Africa.

“Being oceans apart from the operation has kept the brand from reaching its true potential,” a representative from the company commented. “So with manufacture and operations moving to South Africa, the destiny of SaKO7 is in our hands, and we can address operational and logistical issues that have hindered the brand’s progress in the past, such as supply not meeting demand. And Sean can continue to focus on creating, as well as product development.”

Moving forward the product will be a start to finish Sako7 product, removing partners that Sakinofsky had previously collaborated with in production.

“Up until now, I have had the privilege of working with manufacturers who create products that I have felt happy to co-op with. They have provided canvases for my artworks, but I now have the opportunity to get stuck into the development of my very own SaKO7 socks and apparel – I get to create whatever canvas I want to use for my designs.” He continued, “I still love my previous lines, it’s all part of me and the journey – the nostalgia of the process, in fact, I place high value on these brand co-op lines as they will never be repeated, but I’m excited about the lines I am relaunching. It’s a new chapter, and I now get to be a part of the products DNA and also how the products feel, not just how they look… I’ve always said, if you feel great, you’ll look good.”

The relaunch will filter through to distributors, including UK partner Moore Large very shortly and dealers keen to get an early glimpse are asked to keep an eye on the firm’s social accounts, in particular @sean_sako on Twitter.

You may have noticed by now that the lowercase ‘a’ is a change in how the brand name was written previously. “Aaaahhh, the lowercase ‘a’,” Sakinofsky grins, “I thought you’d never notice… I wanted to emphasise the O7 in the name (my new emblem), and that’s just how I chose to do it… let’s just say it’s C’est la Classe.”

The brand plans to make further announcements in August.