SRAM Guide trickles down to £104 in T package

SRAM has lifted the lid on a cheaper iteration of its popular Guide brake introducing the Guide T at $105/€117/£104.

Shipping from this month, the Guide T revolves around the same four-piston caliper, paired with the drip-free Bleeding Edge port and MatchMaker compatible lever.

Bleeding Edge technology makes bleeding brakes quick and simple for the mechanic. An updated fluid path and bleed porting makes it easier to push fluid through the caliper. A dedicated bleed adapter plugs into the bleed port and seals the system to minimize air contamination and fluid loss. As before, the lever mount is ambidextrous.

Best suited for trail and enduro use, the 280 gram package builds in the firm’s Heat Shield, which breaks the thermal connection between the pad and caliper body, reducing fluid temperature rises by up to 20 degrees in the most extreme usage cases.

The Guide family can now be seen in full here.