Stans NoTubes S1 Range now offered in singles, increases RRP

Paligap has today announced that it now offers its range of Stans NoTubes S1 wheels in singles.

The Paligap Brand Team explained: “The demand for the S1 wheelset has been increasing constantly over the past year and we are now at a time where we can see a definite demand for singles, both front or rear.

“We have increased the RRP in line with the current market pricing and we believe that the overall quality of this wheelset family clearly stands up against its competition.”

The S1 wheel family lays the ground for the MK3, CB7 rims/wheels and the recently released Flow EX3 rims/wheels, offering all Stans NoTubes patented technologies; WideRight, BST and NEO hub series.

The S1 family is available in Flow, Arch, Crest and Grail with the RRP coming in at £420 for the wheelset, £180 for the front and £240 for the rear.

Dealers interested in stocking the range should contact or their regional brand specialist.

Hayley Everett

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