Tamper alert GoLock woos bike shops with fleet security cable

A new patent pending electronic locking system is looking to rally bike shop business having created a system that will alert shop owners to tampering.

Though primarily an aftermarket bike theft solution, the firm has extended its reach to securing fleets with extra long cable lengths, giving bike shop owners a bespoke solution not only to securing, but to seeing in real time the safety of their fleet.

Sounding a 95 decibel alarm and carrying motion sensors to alert the owner to unwanted attention, the GoLock product is armed via an app once locked.

Aftermarket bike products will be shipping from Q of 2018, with both 1/4″ and 3/8″ versions to be sold. A waterproof cradle will feature, allowing customers to bolt the security device to their bottle cage mounts. Pricing for the unit will cost $239, plus $99 cell coverage per year.

At the present time GoLock is only available to U.S. based bike retailers, though the firm may seek overseas representation in the future.