Veer broadens its range of Belt Drives and seeks wider distribution

Veer is introducing the ‘Split Belt Pro’ product line to open up the belt drive market to more riders.

Their introductory product, the Split Belt M1, was a single speed kit to convert your existing chain drive to a belt drive. Split Belt Pro will now bring this concept to the majority of hub and crank standards on the market. It can also be customized per OEM requirements.

Veer utilizes the same “V” shape cut that was first seen on Split Belt M1. This configuration allows force on the belt to be evenly distributed across all teeth within the splice region. To close the splice, stainless steel rivets are inserted through the belt teeth and riveted. The ends of the rivets are then splayed to lock them in place.

Veer is also now utilizing a new carbon fiber reinforced nitrile belt that offers improved strength, durability, and flexibility over their previous industrial polyurethane belts.

The Split Belt Pro will offer sprockets compatible with most internally geared hubs on the market. Shimano’s Alfine and Nexus, Rohloff, Sturmey Archer, and Enviolo will be supported first.

The Split Belt Pro will be available direct to consumer through Veer’s webstore and shipped internationally. They are also excited to work with distribution partners to make their drivetrain more accessible to a wider audience. Sample orders are currently available for OEM partners.

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