Upgrade adds distribution of handmade saddle label Selle Repente

Upgrade Bikes is now inviting bike shops looking for a saddle brand addition to view Selle Repente, a handmade label from Northern Italy for which it is handling UK distribution.

In business since 2016, Selle Repente comes backed with the know how of Ceo Massimo Farronato, who has 14 years in the saddle business behind him as the Global Purchase Manager of Selle Royal and Fizik. Working alongside is Paolo Mion, formerly head of OEM global sales with Prologo, a brand started to deliver a higher-end appeal to the Velo business.

For the bike shop, there are two key USPs; weight and a clever proprietary system that enables the saddle’s upper to unclip from the base, meaning in the event of a crash only the cheaper part of the saddle need be replaced. It also offers customisation options, if desired.

Rory Hitchens, Upgrade’s marketing contact told CI.N: “As with many things Upgrade, this is another dealer-suited product that really requires an in-store experience to show it off. We’ll soon have a new POS unit and stocking programme. Further to that, coming soon they will bring forward their own pressure pad fitting system. This will work quite simply; a printed corrugated cardboard sheet will be put on firm surface by the shop and from there the indents show a guide for best saddle choice. Very easy.”

Hitchens says that he expects the Spyd 2.0 and Prime 2.0, both retailing at £129.99, to be big sellers amongst the seven saddle line up. These are both built on Long Carbon Fibre technology and weigh in at just 180 and 170 grams, respectively. Specialist saddles such as the £249.99 Magnet, with its grippy when wet surface, cater for the triathlete.

Selle Repente is already spotted adorned to the bikes of pro cycling teams, including Caja Rural Seguros, BePink, Beltrami-TSA Marchiol and Nesta Skoda Alecar.

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