60% of consumers “more likely to shop with digitally innovative e-tailers”

A new report by e-commerce consultancy Salmon has found speed of delivery can very often be more important to the web-savvy consumer than the brand ordered.

Dubbed the Buying Tomorrow Report, the survey took in responses from over 6,000 UK, U.S. and Benelux consumers, 23% of which admitted to being “digitally obsessed” and thus prone to making all purchases online.

Brand loyalty is falling away, concludes Salmon, who found that 88% rated speed of delivery above the brand being ordered.

Tellingly, 57% of consumers claim the high ground in “being more digitally advanced” than the retailers they choose to buy from. With that in mind, some 60% say they would be prone to shopping with more digitally innovative retailers.

With e-commerce giants now pioneering delivery in under 60 minutes the expectation of the consumer is clearly hurtling forwards. 60% of consumers now think all online retailers should offer same-day delivery. Just last year that expectation sat at around 2.6 days.

The opportunity, as recognised by Amazon (commanding 37% of all spend in this survey), is to tap into the 73% of consumers who “only plan to spend more online in future.”

Averaging four devices per household (five in the U.S.), consumers are now connected to an unprecedented level. Further highlighting how digital addiction is shaping consumer buying trends, the survey adds that 51% of all respondents would be uncomfortable going a day without their devices.

Want to know more? The report is downloadable here.