ACT partners with tech platform Hubtiger on new bike shop app

The Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) have announced its new partnership with web and mobile platform Hubtiger which will enable cycle shops to manage all workshop operations in just one app.

Hubtiger aims to help bike shops do better business by improving workshop efficiency, increasing revenue and enhancing the customer experience. This comes after the cycling industry experienced a huge spike in demand with workshops becoming busier than they have in years.

Craig Paton, owner of ACT member Sprockets Cycles, Glasgow, said: “We are one of the largest bike shops in the UK, so we need to be as efficient as possible while providing an incredible customer experience. Hubtiger has helped us tremendously in achieving both.”

The app manages everything from online/app bookings, job card scheduling, automated/direct communication, quote approvals and finally pushes the quote through to the Point-of-Sale (Vend, Lightspeed, Xero and others) as a “parked sale”. Hubtiger will also send automated SMS reminders to customers who have not serviced their bike in 6 months.

hubtigerHubtiger is not only designed with cycle shops in mind but can be used by bike shop customers in addition. The app is able to help people look after their bikes by integrating with Strava and tracking the bike down to each component letting the cyclist know when they need to service. Cyclists can then book their bike in with the preferred bike shop, track the service and pay instantly.

Hubtiger’s app is currently available in six countries, including South Africa and the US, and in six different languages and has already been launched in several bike shops across the UK.

The brand is able to offer a free trial and a month-to-month contract that can be cancelled anytime to people wanting to use the app. Setup is less than an hour if the bike shop has a POS system that can be integrated into and training is just as seamless.

Additionally, the ACT are pleased to offer our Silver and Gold members a 15% discount off each Hubtiger product price. Cytech accredited ACT members will be given an increased discount of 20% off each product price.

The app offers three separate packages starting from just £32 per month (£27.20 / per month for ACT members, £25.60 for Cytech accredited ACT members). With this you’ll receive a number of benefits, including integration into POS, customer and bike history, unlimited services, users and service reminders, in-app messaging and more. The packages then increase in price slightly, offering the bike shops more add-ons, such as extra technicians and SMS’s, bike shop analytics and even a loyalty scheme for specific POS.

All Hubtiger users are also able to access 24/7 Support from their expert team.

For more information about Hubtiger and to get started visit the ACT website here.