Aire Velo goes live with custom workshop bearing boxes

Having introduced dealers to the idea back at January’s The Bike Place show, Aire Velo Bearings has now gone live with its custom workshop boxes, allowing dealers to pick and choose their most commonly needed spares.

Aire Velo’s Jonathan Richards told CyclingIndustry.News: “We know that some bike shops only deal with certain bike/wheel brands and have a very set list of bearings required for those products so our custom boxes allow them to keep stock organised & without any waste. They can name the boxes, choose the box size (4, 9, 16 & 25 compartments) & then choose any bearings from our entire range to go in the box. They can mix & match steel, stainless steel, hybrid ceramic, full ceramic and max complement bearings. It is then saved to their account and when they come to re-stock the boxes the process is really simple and they just select from a list of the bearings within their custom box.”

Any order of the box also gains a free tool for identifying headset chamfer angles.

Built to be stackable and tough, the boxes are able to be re-used once emptied for spare part storage, or more bearings.

Those with an Aire Velo account can now access the stock here.